pancakes and sausage for breakfast

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A Breakfast of love and flavor

We strive to live up to both the 'bed' and the 'breakfast' by providing you with quality foods made with fresh, local ingredients. Our 2 course breakfasts vary daily, sweet one day, all from scratch, and savory the next. All our breakfasts are about love and flavor.

We'll start you off with either fresh fruit or one of Sandra's freshly baked treats and move you into the main course. Our dining area is set up as 2 top tables so you're close enough to mingle if you choose but far enough away to enjoy your privacy.

Pancakes and SausageBreakfast Details

Breakfast is served from 8-9am but coffee is brewed and available by 7am to take back to your room or to one of our 3 porches. Afternoons are always greeted by the smell of fresh cookies baking. Tea and cocoa are available 24 hours a day and the cookies are plentiful and out no matter what time you arrive !


Although we do not publish our recipes on websites, they are there for the asking for any one of our guests, past or present, as long as you promise not to open a B & B to compete with us

Special Requests

We accomodate most food allergies and diet restrictions so be sure to let us know your needs.